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Halloweed: These Aren’t Your Parents’ Marijuana-Related Halloween Costumes



Cheech and Chong might have been your parents’ go-to cannabis Halloween costumes decades ago, but marijuana policy culture has come along way in the last few decades.

That’s why Marijuana Moment put together a list of original cannabis-themed costume ideas to help you be the smartest dressed at your seasonal industry mixer.

Try these on for size…

Soccer Mom: Cannabis companies are looking to capture the “soccer mom” demographic these days, so throw on a pair of faded mom jeans and see what it’s like for yourself. A la Amy Poehler’s “Cool Mom” character from Mean Girls, but serving tiny joints or CBD lattes instead of virgin daiquiris.

Ballot Measure: Marijuana is showing up on more ballots each election cycle. Show your fellow partygoers how politically informed you are by being one. You’ll need a piece of poster board, the ballot language printed out extra large and a pen dangling from your shoulder. You can get all these supplies at an office supply store and you’ll have a costume that 66 percent of Americans approve of.

Cultivator/Processor: Grab a hazmat suit. You might as well be preparing to deal with an otherworldly evil substance considering some of the ways modern cultivators dress in the grow. Doubles as a Dr. Brenner from Stranger Things costume.

CannaBro: A pair of cheap but flashy sunglasses, as much cannabis brand swag as you can wear at one time and a lanyard (or several, to show off your conference game). Don’t forget to tell everyone how your company is going public on the Canadian Stock Exchange.

OG Activist: Braids and a fedora. Simple and well-known. If you’ve been around the marijuana industry for awhile, you know who we’re talking about.

Anti-marijuana activist: Suit, briefcase and lots of drug war propaganda to spew at anyone bringing up reasonable arguments for marijuana legalization.

Pile of Money/Tax Revenue: There’s room for interpretation here. You could paste (fake) dollar bills all over yourself. Or school supplies to illustrate where some of that legal sales tax money goes. Not feeling creative? Buy yourself a giant $100 bill suit.

Finally, shout-out to Twitter user @DanRiffle for his excellent suggestion of Pot Company Executive:

What are you going to be? Tweet us at @MarijuanaMoment with your ideas and pics.

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Chris Wallis is a filmmaker and content creator based in Oakland, California. Over the last six years, along with extensive work with the cannabis industry, he's helped international nonprofits, national advocacy groups and political campaigns tell their stories to hundreds of thousands of eyeballs across media. He watches a lot of TV and movies, often while consuming cannabis.


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