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If you need up-to-the-minute news on the politics, business and culture of cannabis, you’re in the right place.

Edited by Tom Angell, a 20+ year veteran of the legalization movement, Marijuana Moment helps activists, industry professionals, consumers, policymakers and the public understand developments and trends affecting cannabis.

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Who Reads Marijuana Moment?


“One of the nation’s leading trackers of developments and news in the cannabis industry.”

Christopher Ingraham, Washington Post journalist:

“Tom is consistently on top of every major piece of news in marijuana policy before it happens. If you follow the topic, get his newsletter.”

Don Murphy, Marijuana Policy Project lobbyist:

“I never go to Capitol Hill without first reading Marijuana Moment. It’s a must-read for any drug policy advocate.”

Dominic Holden, BuzzFeed News reporter:

“Marijuana Moment is reliably the most up-to-date source for developments in marijuana policy — each morning, I can count on it to identify the most important news, from the best sources, so I don’t have to go slogging through stale stories or second-hand reports.”

Shaleen Title, Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission member:

“Thanks to Tom, I get a comprehensive yet concise, well-designed source of cannabis information in my inbox every morning. As a business owner, I need to know what’s happening in marijuana as quickly as possible, and I especially appreciate his emphasis on linking readers directly to primary source documents.”

Paul Armentano, NORML deputy director:

“I receive numerous unsolicited newsletters in my inbox every day. The only newsletter I subscribe to, open and read is Tom Angell’s Marijuana Moment.”

Who Else Reads Marijuana Moment?

Staffers and principals from:

  • U.S. Senate and House of Representatives
  • State legislatures
  • State marijuana regulatory bodies
  • News organizations like: New York Times, Politico, Associated Press, USA Today, Los Angeles Times and TIME
  • Cannabis and drug policy groups like: Marijuana Policy Project, Drug Policy Alliance, NORML and Students for Sensible Drug Policy
  • Industry players like: National Cannabis Industry Association, Vicente Sederberg, Weedmaps, Leafly and BioTrackTHC.
  • Think tanks like: Brookings Institution and Third Way
  • Cannabis dispensaries in dozens of markets
    (Subscription by a staffer doesn’t constitute an organization’s endorsement.)

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(Disclosure: Marijuana Moment editor and publisher Tom Angell is a minority shareholder in cannabis technology company MassRoots due to his prior employment at the company.)


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