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Readers who support Marijuana Moment’s work with monthly pledges on Patreon get the added benefit of not having to see ads within articles—in addition to having the satisfaction that you are providing the resources our team of reporters needs to continue doing the work that keeps you informed about key cannabis developments every day.

Here’s how to support Marijuana Moment’s journalism and make in-article ads disappear:

1)  Start a monthly pledge on Patreon

2) Log in to Marijuana Moment’s website using your Patreon credentials

  • Click the “Log In With Patreon Button”
  • When redirected to the Patreon site, enter the email address and password associated with your Patreon account and click “Continue”
  • On the next screen, click “Allow”

3) You should then be redirected to Marijuana Moment’s website, where you will no longer see in-article ads.

If you have issues logging in with Patreon, please try refreshing a few times and/or clearing the cache in your web browser. If you still have trouble, you can email us.

(Note that while backing our work on Patreon will hide in-article programmatic ads, you will still see one banner ad at the top of the website and one in the sidebar of the website.)


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