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Marijuana Rolling Paper Company Will Pay $4.20 To Volunteers To ‘Smoke Joints For Science’



A marijuana rolling paper company is looking for 200 volunteers to participate in a study where they’ll be paid $4.20 to smoke two free pre-rolls and provide feedback on their smokability .

DaySavers announced on Monday that it’s partnering with the Cannabis Research Coalition and the Network of Applied Pharmacognosy (NAP) for its “Science of Smokeability” study, which will investigate how different cultivation and processing practices affect consumers’ smoking experience.

“This research not only has the potential to improve product quality and consistency, but also promote sustainability, profitability, and a deeper scientific understanding of cannabis as a medicinal and recreational product,” the company said in a press release.

Adults 21 and older are being invited to participate in the experiment. DaySavers said it will randomly select 200 volunteers, who will be paid the symbolic $4.20 stipend to test two cannabis joints that will be shipped to them.

Over the course of two years, researchers will conduct controlled laboratory tests and look at consumer data to help inform best practices. The study will additionally explore how variables such as mineral, nutritional and moisture content affect ash color, smoke composition and smoke quality.

Harrison Bard, CEO of DaySavers and its parent company Custom Cones USA, said, “Through this research, we will be shedding light on some major unknowns in the cannabis industry.”

“This type of research exists and has been proven to be extremely important in the tobacco industry, so we are excited to pave the way for a safer and more enjoyable future for the cannabis industry where quality and standards are at the forefront of cannabis cultivation and pre-roll product development,” he said.

Allison Justice, founder of the Cannabis Research Coalition, said the “partnership highlights the pivotal importance of industry-wide collaboration and underscores the significance of research initiatives for shaping the future of the cannabis sector.”

“This cross-departmental research collaboration extends beyond mere acquisition of sustainable and profitable cultivation and post-harvest metrics; we are actively establishing the benchmarks for ensuring the highest standards in producing flower intended for combustion,” she said.

DaySavers said the first phase of findings will be published “in the coming months” and will “demonstrate how to optimize cultivation metrics to save time, money, and resources and enhance product quality.”

The overall study results will also be shared with the cannabis team at the standards organization ASTM International, which last year helped to add a pair of new marijuana items to a federal handbook that are meant to provide model standards for cannabis definitions, packaging and labeling requirements and best storage practices to control for moisture loss in marijuana flower.

DaySavers separately launched a campaign in March to hire for what it calls the “ultimate stoner dream job,” seeking a content creator to “get paid to smoke weed.” The full-time social media creator and event marketer job pays $70,420 with perks including cannabis product testing and all expenses paid travel to marijuana events.

The campaign is reminiscent of the time that cannabis icon Snoop Dogg disclosed in 2019 that he pays a person between $40,000-$50,000 per year to roll blunts for him.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has also previously solicited help to “acquire, develop and produce” marijuana cigarettes for research purposes.

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Photo courtesy of Martin Alonso.

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