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Brands, Celebs And Organizations Celebrate Marijuana Holiday 4/20 Amid Push For Federal Legalization



The unofficial marijuana holiday known as 4/20 has arrived again. And as more states have moved to end prohibition, more brands, celebrities and organizations are feeling emboldened to lean into the occasion with cannabis-centric deals, quips and campaigns.

From food companies like Ben & Jerry’s and Domino’s to nonprofits such as the ACLU to celebs like Snoop Dogg (because of course), the 4/20 holiday has attracted numerous influencers that are hoping to appeal to cannabis consumers this year.

Some of the brand campaigns have been celebrating 4/20 annually, making it known in subtle and not-so-subtle ways that they’re down for the cause. Others are just now dipping their toes into marijuana culture as it’s become more widely accepted in mainstream society.

Here’s a look at how companies, organizations and celebs are marking the cannabis occasion:ย 

Companies might be eager to cash-in on the popularity of the marijuana movement, but while more states are moving to end prohibition, the plant remains prohibited under federal law.

Meanwhile, politicians and government agencies are also marking the cannabis holiday on social media, with countless posts touting progress on reform and demanding further action to end prohibition.

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Photo courtesy of Philip Steffan.

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