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Army says CBD isn’t harmful, but bans it anyway (Newsletter: Feb. 5, 2018)



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NM legalization ballot Q advances; OR prosecutor issues warning; VA House approves CBD expansion

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The U.S. Army said in a statement that cannabidiol “has not yet been associated with adverse health effects,” but it continuing to ban soldiers from using it anyway.

The New Mexico Senate Rules Committee approved a measure to place a marijuana legalization question before voters in November.

Oregon’s U.S. attorney convened a summit about marijuana enforcement policy, saying that the state has an “identifiable and formidable overproduction and diversion problem” and he is “going to do something about it.”  Gov. Kate Brown (D) was in attendance and said the federal prosecutor assured her that “lawful Oregon businesses” are “not targets of law enforcement.”


First Daughter Ivanka Trump tweeted about prison reform.

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), in an appearance on TV’s “The View,” said it is a “terrible crime” to put people in jail for marijuana, citing racial disparities in enforcement.

U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO) spoke about why his efforts to attach a 280E amendment to tax reform legislation fell short.

Congresswoman Dina Titus (D-NV) tweeted, “Nevada has proven that a regulated market is always better than a black market. It is time for the nation to follow.”

The U.S. House bill to exempt state-legal marijuana activity from the Controlled Substances Act got two new cosponsors, bringing the total to 44.

The U.S. House bill to remove roadblocks to marijuana research got one new cosponsor, bringing the total to six.


The Virginia House of delegates unanimously passed a bill to let doctors recommend CBD or THC-A medical cannabis oil for any medical condition. The Senate is expected to vote this week.

Former Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn (D), currently a candidate for state attorney general, endorsed legalizing marijuana. And pro-legalization gubernatorial candidate Daniel Biss (D), currently a senator, has a new “CannaBiss” campaign slogan.

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf (D) announced that the state approved more medical cannabis dispensaries to begin operations.

Wisconsin Democratic gubernatorial candidate Kelda Roys supports legalizing marijuana.

New Mexico Democratic gubernatorial candidate Peter DeBenedittis spoke about his support for legalizing marijuana.

As of last Thursday, employers in Maine can no longer punish workers or prospective employees for “consuming marijuana outside the…employer’s…property.” They can still “discipline employees who are under the influence of marijuana in the workplace.”

Massachusetts regulators are considering further delaying the opening of recreational marijuana stores.

California’s top marijuana regulator is worried about supply issues.

Some New Jersey lawmakers and Atlantic City’s mayor are taking a marijuana fact-finding trip to Colorado.Separately, the Assembly Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee approved an industrial hemp bill.

Alabama’s Senate president pro tem said he doesn’t think the state will pass any marijuana reform legislation.

Connecticut advocates are concerned that they don’t have enough votes to pass marijuana legalization legislation this year.

Tennessee lawmakers filed legislation to place a medical cannabis question on the ballot for voters to decide on. Separately, a representative introduced a resolution calling on Congress to “enact a statute prohibiting the federal government from interfering with the implementation of states’ medical cannabis laws.”

Florida activists fell short of collecting enough signatures to qualify a marijuana legalization ballot measure.

Here’s a look at some of Hawaii’s many pending marijuana law reform bills.

Activists believe that Maryland hemp legislation has momentum this year.


The Los Angeles, California district attorney said she will not join other prosecutors in expunging old marijuana convictions.

The Savannah, Georgia City Council began debating a proposed marijuana decriminalization ordinance.

Denver, Colorado regulators announced a more streamlined process for marijuana business license applications.

New details are emerging about a man who allegedly tried to bribe the Oakland, California City Council president to obtain a marijuana retail permit.

Here’s a look at the long history of marijuana in New York City.


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that “every further week we go [without legalizing marijuana] means we’re perpetuating a failed system.” Separately, the Senate created a page to track federal marijuana legalization legislation and provincial cannabis regulations.


The Association of German Criminal Officers is calling for marijuana decriminalization.

Prohibitionist organization Smart Approaches to Marijuana announced that it has hired a team of lobbyists and advocates in target states.

Arkansas activists are holding a marijuana lobby day at the state capitol on February 27.


A review found that “the overall effect size for driving under the influence of cannabis on unfavorable traffic events is not statistically significant, but there are significant differences obtained through subgroup analysis.”

A study found that “cannabis use was not a risk factor for [myocardial infarction] and alternatively may point to a protective benefit in the diagnosis of MI and in-hospital mortality.”

A review concluded that “smoking cannabis has not been proven to be a risk factor in the development of lung cancer but the data are limited by small studies, misclassification due to self-reporting of usage, small numbers of heavy cannabis smoking and confounding of risk associated with known causative agents for lung cancer such as parallel chronic tobacco use.”

A study found that marijuana “legalisation has had no impact on use amongst construction workers and impairment whilst at work remains unacceptable,” but “a conflict now exists around personal freedoms and drug testing, leading to both resignation and dissatisfaction amongst workers.”


Canadian marijuana stocks are undergoing a severe plunge.

Direct Success Inc.’s Ohio subsidiary Extra Step Assurance won a $1 million contract to run the state’s  toll-free medical cannabis information phone line.

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Whoopi Goldberg spoke about her use of marijuana, LSD and heroin in an interview with David Axelrod.

Check out this editorial cartoon about support for marijuana legalization in New Jersey.

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