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Dems’ bill protects medical cannabis but keeps DC sales block (Newsletter: Jan. 3, 2019)



Study: Genre music fans like different drugs but they all like marijuana; NY gov to put legalization in budget; Terpenoids reduce inflammation

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House Democrats’ new spending bill aimed at ending the federal shutdown, which they intend to pass on Thursday, contains state medical cannabis protections but continues a rider blocking Washington, D.C. from spending its own money legalizing marijuana sales.

A study examining wastewater found that people attending festivals for different genres of music use different kinds of drugs, but that marijuana was prevalent regardless of music type.

A study found that the terpenoids in marijuana aren’t just good for making the plant smell nice. They can also help reduce inflammation.

A number of local news outlets around the country are picking up a Marijuana Moment analysis first published on Forbes that looks at states that are likely to legalize cannabis in 2019.


The Senate confirmed the nomination of James Carroll to be director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy.

Two witnesses told the House Ethics Committee that outgoing Rep. Thomas Garrett (R-VA) used marijuana with his staffers.

A federal judge threw out a racketeering and corruption lawsuit against a California marijuana business.


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) said that his marijuana legalization proposal will be included in budget legislation.

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf (D) said that the reason he wants to more seriously consider legalizing marijuana is that New York and New Jersey are moving to end prohibition. Meanwhile, a senator tweeted that he and a colleague are putting the finishing touches on a legalization bill.

Outgoing California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) said that he has “not counted on any revenue from marijuana” as the state has worked to implement legalization. Meanwhile, the state’s treasurer tweeted, “It’s time the fed govt takes action by either removing cannabis from its official list of banned narcotics or approving safe harbor legislation that protects banks serving #cannabis biz from prosecution.”

Illinois’s industrial hemp law went into effect with the new year. Another new state law requires certain medical cannabis business employees to register with the state.

Arkansas regulators said they will begin issuing patient ID cards within 30 days of next week’s Medical Marijuana Commission meeting.

Oklahoma regulators are issuing temporary medical cannabis licenses to out-of-state patients. Meanwhile, they have processed more than 30,000 licenses overall already.

A Massachusetts commission examining impaired driving issues is recommending prohibiting driving with an open container of marijuana, making it a civil infraction punishable by a $500 fine.

A Florida appeals court will hold a February 12 hearing in a case about whether a medical cannabis patient should be able to grow his own medicine.

Louisiana regulators said they will conduct testing on medical cannabis after failing to find independent companies that are qualified to do it.

Virginia advocates are pessimistic about the prospects for decriminalizing marijuana this year.

A New Jersey senator sponsoring a marijuana legalization bill wrote an op-ed saying the state should use the lessons learned from legalizing casinos in crafting cannabis policy.

A Minnesota representative says he will pursue marijuana legalization legislation in the new session.

Iowa regulators have so far issued 930 CBD medical cannabis registration cards to patients.

Oregon regulators will hold a hearing on industrial hemp rules on January 15.

A number of Michigan businesses are pursuing that they see as a loophole in the law by “gifting” marijuana to customers who purchase expensive items like t-shirts and candy.

Here’s a look at the anticipated rollout of Missouri’s medical cannabis program, including regulators beginning to accept some early application fees on Saturday.

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The new St. Louis County, Missouri prosecuting attorney announced his office will no longer criminally prosecute possession of less than 100 grams of marijuana. Possession of greater amounts will only be pursued if there is evidence of sale or distribution.

The Dayton, Ohio City Commission took a procedural step toward eliminating fines and court fees for minor misdemeanor marijuana violations.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s district attorney said he supports legalizing marijuana.


Australia now has more than 2,000 registered medical cannabis patients.


New Approach PAC’s Graham Boyd predicted that “within the next two years, a majority of the United States will have adult-use legal cannabis.”

The Republican Party of Kentucky tweeted, “With industrial hemp now legalized, Agriculture Commissioner @RyanQuarlesKY wants one more thing: to make Kentucky the ‘epicenter’ of Hemp in the US.”

The Democratic Party of New Mexico tweeted about local entrepreneurs being able to take advantage of hemp legalization.


A review of medical cannabis claims made by popular websites found that “seventy-six percent…were inaccurate and were based on low-quality evidence,” while only “10% of websites made appropriate cause and effect conclusions” and only “approximately 3% of the medical marijuana claims were written by a healthcare professional.”

An editorial in the journal Addiction concluded that “a growing body of evidence highlights that the endogenous cannabinoid (endocannabinoid) system is a key target for seizure control” and that “plant-derived cannabinoids have several endocannabinoid and related mechanisms that may be fundamental to their anti-seizure properties.”


A poll found that 72% of South Carolinians support medical cannabis.


Westjet responded to a passenger’s tweet with tips for traveling with marijuana.

Charlotte’s Web Holdings, Inc. announced that a former Coca-Cola executive is joining the company.

Arizona is a target market for national marijuana businesses.


Pete Davidson said during a stand-up comedy set that he took psilocybin mushrooms and engaged in “flagrant” marijuana smoking earlier in the day.  He also said that Louis C.K. tried to get him fired from Saturday Night Live for consuming too much cannabis.

Former baseball player Darryl Strawberry said marijuana is a “gateway” and that athletes should not be allowed to use if for pain management.

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